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September 03, 2014

Our Favorite New Photography Gadgets

Every group of enthusiasts has their specific gadgets. Cooks. Runners. Bikers. Hikers. But no one loves their gadgets more than photographers. We just can't seem to get enough of them. Some of them actually enhance the way we shoot and capture pictures, but some are just for sake of being gadgets. Here are some of the coolest updates in the field today. 1. The Bottle Cap Tripod You're on a family trip and want to catch yourself in the picture too, but there's not a soul around to take the picture for you. Or, the light is dimming and you need to capture a great shot without flash. To the rescue comes the Bottle Cap Tripod – a small and handy gadget for those spur-of-the-moment moments. It fits a majority of water bottles and soft drink tops, and even has a ball head to achieve the perfect angle. Available here, for only $3.95 31tl9ca2xpL               2. The 90o Angle Spy Lens Ever imagine yourself as a super sleuth? Or quite frankly, you just want to catch some pictures of girls at the beach without being a creep and pointing your DSLR straight at them?... Well, here's your chance. With this Right Angle Lens Attachment you can point your camera one way, while shooting something else at a 90o angle, to your right, left, up or down. The screw-on barrel easily rotates to capture pictures at all distances, from near wide-angle to full zoom. Available here, for only $19.95   gadgets 4 (spy lens)             3. On-Camera Diffuser Don't you just hate those pictures taken with a flash, where the images are near-white from the light, or too shiny? No more. With this compact, easy-to-use On-Camera Diffuser, you can shoot flash pictures like a pro. Just slip it over the lens, get nice soft quality of light, and then fold it up and stash it in your pocket. Available here, for only $7.95 gadgets 3 (diffuser)                   4. Foldio - Pop-Up Light Studio If you're into still life photography, but you lack the space or inclination to build a full-scale light studio, here is the gadget for you. The Foldio allows you to take pictures of jewelry, food, or other small items with sufficient lighting and a blank backdrop. The Foldio has built-in LED strips that provide enough light to make a great photo. There's even a black, grey, and white backdrop included. Available on Photojojo for $49       5. The Lens Bracelet OK, it's not really a gadget, but it's a style statement for really serious camera junkies. You can choose to express yourself with these soft & comfortable silicone bracelets, available on Photojojo for $15-25 (2 bracelets in each set) gadgets 6 (bracelets a)             Or go all the way with the real-deal, Recycled Camera Focus Lens Cuff, made from actual lenses to form a unique line of jewelry. Available right here.   gadgets 7 (bracelets b)

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