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My phone is too small to fit the Pictar Grip.

My phone has a case on it, will it work with the Grip / Selfie Stick / Lens?

My phone doesn't connect with my Pictar Grip / Smart Stick. What could be the problem?

My phone gets hot when using the Pictar app, what can I do?

Orders, Shipping & Payments

How can I pay?

Where do you ship?

What are the shipping rates?

How long does it take for my order to reach my door?

I haven't received my order, what can I do?

Warranty & Returns

What does your warranty cover?

How do I claim my warranty?

Under what circumstances can I return/ exchange my product?

How do I return / exchange a product?

Products - Before you buy

Can I use the Grip or the Stick using a different camera app?

How do I know if a specific product fits my camera/phone model?

Products User Manual

Pictar Smart Grip

Pictar Smart Grip Overview

Shutter Release Button

Zoom Ring / Selfie Button

Exposure compensation wheel

The Smart Wheel

The Virtual Wheel

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