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Smart Grip

If you’re an avid mobile photographer and want to improve your shots by having more control over your camera - this is the product for you. With everything from 9 pre-set modes to a selfie button, you’ll be amazed by the photography you can achieve from a smartphone.

Compatable with: iPhone/Huaweii/Sony/Samsung/Pixel

20+ unique filters

Ergonomic slip-free grip

Sport mode, travel mode +more

Exposure compensation wheel

Pictar App inside: 20+ modes  


Pictar Smart Grip


Pictar Smart Grip

Pro Grip

If you’re a seasoned professional, who’s used to shooting on manual settings and knows their ISO from their Bokeh, this is the product for you!

Compatable with: iPhone/Huaweii/Sony/Samsung/Pixel

Super-Zoom (Rocker Zoom Switch)

Wireless charging

Microphone ready


Pictar App inside: 20+ modes with advanced video features


Pictar One/Plus

Pictar Pro / Pictar Pro Charge

$149.00 - $199.00