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August 25, 2014

How to Pack for a Weekend Break

You've been spontaneous, you booked a flight and a great little hotel for a perfect weekend getaway, you're all excited, but then you start packing… and the excitement starts to slowly ebb away… With all the regulations and restrictions, how on earth are you going to pack everything you need into just one bag?! Because let's face it – you really don't want to be the kind of guy who shows up at the airport with two checked bags for a weekend break. So, how do you fit two or three nights-worth of beach-going/urban excursion/restaurant-hopping attire into one suitcase? To help you arrange an organized bag which is both complete and lightweight, we asked our world-savvy experts for their best tips.
  1. Choose the right bag
Carry-on trolleys are a good choice for weekends, if that's the type of luggage you prefer. But a soft-sided duffel bag is another great alternative, especially for airlines with strict baggage codes. Sometimes this sort of bag can fit a lot more than a hard-sided trolley. A smart option would be a wheeled duffel bag.
  1. Prepare a list
Check the weather at your destination, make a mental checklist of the places you're going to visit and the things you're going to do, and prepare a list accordingly. By making a list, you'll be able to cut out some non-essentials before you even start packing, and you’ll also have an easy way to make sure you’ve repacked your things at the end of the trip. If you feel you're getting lost, you can easily Google "ultimate packing list" or "essential beach packing list" or "carry-on packing list" to get a feel for what really needs to go into your bag. 3. Stick to the basics Pack clothes you will really wear, not what you think you’ll wear. Keep your bag light and lean by choosing solid colors in order to maximize mix-and-match combinations. Thinner and lighter items are always better than bulky ones. Remember, it’s all about how you actually pack – so you might want to take advantage of these clever packing hacks: (EMBED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B76P8jI2Kk) 4. Stay focused Before you start the actual packing, gather together all your selected clothing and other items, lay them out on the bed or the rug and review what you've collected. First, double-check that you have the essentials. Now, get rid of the unessential stuff. If you're not sure about something, leave it at home. 5. All purpose shoes Since you’ll want comfortable shoes which can be paired with different outfits, choose a pair of shoes that are practical, robust and neutral in color. If you need more than one pair, wear the heaviest or larger pair of shoes and pack the other in your bag. 6. Camera With phone-cameras getting better, and camera bags getting bulkier, more and more photo-enthusiasts are leaving their cameras at home. Which is a shame. With miggo you don't have to compromise – our Strap&Wrap or Grip&Wrap for either DSLRs or Mirrorless cameras offer great protection and flexibility all wrapped up in one. 7. Lets rock and roll! Some people invest in special vacuum bags, others just stuff everything in and hope for the best, but most experts opt for the rolling method. Compared to folding, rolling helps prevent wrinkles creases, keeps apparel a lot less bulky and it's one of the best space-saving techniques. 8. Heavy on the bottom Heavier items like shoes and bulky rolled clothes should make up the base layer of your bag. If you chose a wheeled duffel bag, position heavy items near the wheels to keep the bag from toppling over when it's upright. On top of this layer, place medium-sized items and breakables. The layers of clothing around them provide some protection when your bag gets manhandled at airports. 9. Lighter on top Items you need on hand (such as money, identification, snacks, etc.) should be packed at the top of your bag, in an outside compartment, or even in a separate lightweight bag you can tuck into your main carry-on. 10. Add small stuff Underwear, socks, swimsuits, scarves and any other small items can be easily squeezed into the room that's left - into the spaces between your bulkier items, and into shoes. Yes – into shoes! It also fills up the space and keeps shoes in shape. 11. TSA-ready toiletries Unless you just can't do without your preferred brand of shampoo/conditioner/body cream, any toiletries that will likely be provided at your hotel should be left home. Pack miniature-size toiletries in a Ziploc bag to save space and prevent spillage. Double action products - such as 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner or facial moisturizer that contains sunscreen - are smart options. Now you're ready to go. Enjoy your trip!

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