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About Us

Our Story

We are experts in the photography business with over 20 years’ experience in the world’s leading companies designing camera bags, straps and studio equipment - we know a thing or two about the needs of photographers!

We realized that traditional photography was dying, as people started using the cameras on their mobiles, instead of having a camera as a stand-alone device. Sales of DSLRs and traditional cameras were sliding. A new generation had grown up with nothing but a mobile phone for their camera.

Although everyone was taking photos with their mobile phone, we knew people were frustrated with its limitations. We realized there was a need to turn a mobile phone into a proper camera, and so Pictar was born.


The Pictar Hub

We broke down the fundamentals of photography to find a solution for each problem these aspects presented. This formed the start of our Pictar product hub. We came up with the concept of ‘the Four Ps’: control over features, optics, light and stability. We then took these fundamentals of photography and developed solutions for each one. We created Smart, innovative products that connect to your phone, so the:

  • Smart Grip gives you stability and control over features
  • Smart Lens gives you a unique point of view with an optical advantage
  • Smart Light gives you the ability to control the light wherever you go
  • Smart Selfie Stick gives you complete control over your selfies
  • Flexible tripod gives you stability, no matter where you are or what you're doing

Although the products all work together, each product is still self-sufficient and works independently. Pictar’s Smart innovative products easily attach to your mobile phone, turning it into a professional camera.

Months later we’re still creating new solutions and evolving with the industry. We never stay still and are still discovering ways to make your photography even more awesome!


Our Mission

Our mission is to help people who are using mobile phones capture extraordinary images by providing amazing products. Yes, we convert your phone into a real camera, but what we’re actually doing is helping you take incredible pictures. Pictar will take your photography to the next level.

By taking a holistic view, we were able to bring everything together under one roof and consolidate our products so there’s a fix for whatever problem you may have. We give you convenience, but it’s from experts you can trust! Not only do we save you time, we open up a new world for you, allowing more possibilities than ever before with a mobile phone.

We aim to continue to be the world’s leader in providing the ultimate experience of mobile imaging.


Our Brand Promise

Whether you’re a pro or complete beginner, our smart products will take your photography to the next level. We provide you with everything you need to give your photos the wow factor - taking them from ordinary to the EXTRA-ordinary!

We’ve defined the fundamental problems in photography and have come up with solutions for each one. By breaking it down, we developed a product line that provides high quality while still remaining affordable.

Our Smart products are easy to use and attach to your phone. They allow you to take awesome photos you wouldn’t have been able to take before.