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October 21, 2019

Improve your mobile photography with a wide-angle lens

The new everyday camera is your smartphone. The entry barrier for photography is gone and we are seeing more and more people pull out their mobile device and snap away. Most of the stunning images you see on Instagram were taken on an Android or iPhone. So how are such professional-looking landscape or group photos taken? Simple, the wide-angle lens.

The wide-angle lens is an attachable accessory that quickly turns your phone’s camera into a powerful image capturing tool. This small yet crafty clip-on allows anybody to start capturing detailed photographs of landscapes, people and plants.

Wide-angle sunset

You can see in the photo above how the wide-angle lens has allowed a large area of the beach, sand and rocks to be included in the forefront. It almost feels as if you’re on the beach looking out at the sunset yourself. Without the wide-angle lens, you would need to settle for a shaky panoramic photo or one that doesn’t reveal much of the beach.

Wide-angle shot of a couple sitting on a bench

For this image the lens captured the couple sitting on the bench and also the view on the horizon. Without the wide-angle lens, it would have been a challenge to include the large stretch of grass in the frame.

Why do I need a wide-angle lens for my smartphone?

Equipping a wide-angle lens to your smartphone is an easy way to get everything in the shot when you’re up close. Think back to the last time you pulled out your device to take a photo of your group of friends or family. Could you fit everyone into the frame or did you need to move backwards until the members on each side could be seen? This happens because of your phone’s built-in camera lens' focal length. Basically, the lens captures only a limited view or perspective.

Pictar's wide-angle lens 18mm

Types of wide-angle lenses for your mobile device

Different wide-angle lenses can help capture more of the subject and background, presenting the viewer with a greater sense of presence. Without one, the frame cuts out some of the background and forces you to move around to fit the subject in. Wide-angle lenses come with different focal lengths (focal length determines how much of the detail can fit into the photo). They can be sold as 35mm or lower. The 24mm lens is called an ultra wide-angle lens and can capture an even wider frame of view. Selecting one will depend on your needs.

Examples of a wide-angle lens used for mobile photography

To give you an idea of what a wide-angle lens can do, we have taken several images using the brand new Pictar Smart Lens. The most typical use of the wide-angle lens is allowing you to take a selfie that stretches out to include all the people posing in it. No need for squeezing together!

Wide-angle shot of group of friends

This picture is a great example of how a wide angle lens on your smartphone can capture the entire friend group in one picture! Try it for yourself.

The Pictar Smart Lens is designed to up your photography game without needing to switch to a DSLR or an expensive camera. Not only is it lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket, but the package includes a lens cover. This keeps the glass clean and prevents scratching.

Start taking better selfies, better landscape photos, and show more depth of perspective with each photo. Our range of Pictar Smart Lenses is both affordable and professional. Get yours here

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