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November 28, 2019

3 reasons why mobile photography gadgets make the best holiday gifts

This Black Friday has made it clear - people love giving mobile photography gear as holiday gifts.  

Here’s what makes mobile photography gadgets the ultimate, most loving presents:

1. You’re not just giving your loved one something cool. You’re giving them something that will make THEM cool. A good mobile photography tool will help them discover the artistic potential they didn’t even know they had.  

The smart grip that makes you shoot (and look!) like a proCheck out the phone grip that makes you shoot (and look!) like a pro 

2. You're not giving them a one-off gift. You’re giving them something that will spark their creativity every time they use it. And boy, are they gonna use it! 

Perfectly lit pictures every time with Pictar's smart lightSnap on the smart light that ads professional-looking lighting to every shot 

3. You’re giving them something they will use and love, and it’s something they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. If your loved one is someone who prioritizes everyone else’s wellbeing at their own expense - a fun mobile photography gadget is the perfect way to tell them you appreciate their sacrifice, but want them to enjoy their life a little more.

Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod works on every surfaceThis lightweight, flexible tripod can wrap itself around anything

Whether you’re shopping for a selfie-loving teen, a photo enthusiastic spouse or a grandparent that just needs some help getting a steady shot of the grandkids – You'll find something for everyone in Pictar’s mobile photography hub.  

And if you made it this far, here’s a treat for you: use promo code SUPERSALE25 to shop for any mobile photography gadget you like at 25% off 

Happy Holidays! 

Smart Selfie Stick. Perfect Selfie. Every Time.

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