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December 10, 2019

The photographer who lives in the shadows

In 2016, aSa began shooting silhouettes. In the process, she decided to become a silhouette herself, refusing to reveal her identity - her face, her name or her location. While her Instagram boasts more than 21k followers, aSa maintains her anonymity, somewhere on a small, sun-flooded island in the heart of the Mediterranean, where she lives. Allowing the island’s luminosity to guide her eyes through her daily movements on the streets of her town, aSa doesn’t go out with the purpose of taking pictures, but rather waits for all conditions to become available, and only then grabs her phone to shoot. 

How long have you been shooting? 

Always. It's in the family DNA. From film to digital, photography punctuates my life.

Do you remember the first time you realized how much you can get from your mobile photography? 

I started shooting with my iPhone during the winter of 2016, directly in black and white. In the spring, the sun began to burn the facades of the buildings, the colors burst, the passers-by paraded, the silhouettes were imposed. I think I really realized the possibilities offered by my iPhone the day I decided to photograph color.

What phone do you use?

iPhone X. Soon the 11 pro.

Who did you learn the most from about photography? Who are your favorite mobile photographers out there today? 

Nobody taught me. I am very intuitive. I'll tell you a secret: I do not understand photography from a technical point of view.

Dimpy Bhalotia, for her energy.

Dina Alfasi, for her humanism.

Joakim Möller, for his captivating universe.

All three are great artists.

What was your most awkward moment taking a picture?

Once a man came up to me and asked me aggressively to show him the pictures I took. It was not very pleasant. 


If you had to shoot one more thing, and then never shoot again - what would you shoot? 

The sea.

What, in your opinion, is the most important thing for a mobile photographer to keep in mind?

That s/he is using a real camera!

What is the craziest thing you ever had to do to get a shot?

Nothing really crazy. I’m just a silhouette who makes photos of silhouettes.

If you had to describe your personal photography in one word - what would that word be? 

I’m debating between silhouettes or anonymity.

How do you see the future of mobile photography? 


What makes a picture viral? 

The synergy of several elements: light, composition and narrative power.  Not to forget the visibility offered by powerful hubs that decide to bring it to light.

Please share with us your most shared image. What do you think made it popular? 

The image below was made popular for its lightness and vitality of this feminine silhouette.

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