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September 18, 2019

Best Color Shot Instagram Contest - Winners!

Color me a winner!


Miggo's Instagram "COLORS" contest has ended in a blast of color!
We received so many great shots #PictarColor we felt like the inside of a rainbow. Thanks to all the participants, and get your gear ready for our next contest - COMING SOON!

Action Pic Contest Winner - Judge's Choice
Judge's Choice - Mary Poppins

Colors shot Instagram Contest winnerWinner: originalmillbad 

Prize: Pictar One Plus  

Why we chose this picture

The picture looks like it was taken from a movie, and there’s a feeling that the girl is actually floating in the air. The picture is simple and straightforward, yet we found it very intriguing and sophisticated.

About the photographer and the photo:

The image was taken with my iPhone 7 earlier this summer (July) at a church in our town. After attending a community supper there on a rainy Wednesday, my daughter wanted to make like Mary Poppins and float down from the church steps with her umbrella (isn’t that a universal kid thing? I dreamed about it when I was young!). I liked how the bright colors of her clothes and especially the umbrella popped against the brick and stone in the background, muted by the overcast. The only enhancements to the shot are from the iPhone camera app and Instagram. I am an avid amateur photographer and a US Army veteran with a background in broadcast journalism and teaching. As a photog I try to notice and capture subjects that others might overlook and present them in unique ways. I shoot with a Canon DSLR that I carry with me almost everywhere to always be ready, but most of the photos I share are taken with the iPhone. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with the Pictar One Plus!

Most Popular - Nightlife

Nightlife - Color shots Insta Contest winnerWinner: official_technochris 

Prize: Pictar One Plus

About the photo:

The picture was taken in the mountains in a small village with my EOS 80D in early July. All this after a 8-hour hike as a reward. I’m an avid photographer and blog for 2 years on Instagram about photography. Above all, my blog stands for high-quality photos in the areas of landscape, city, product, and night photography.

Random raffle pick #1: Yum Dessert

Yum Dessert - Insta Contest Color shots winner

Winner: _marco_montezano_
Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

Random raffle pick #2: Color Me Happy
Color me happy - Insta Contest winner - Color shots


Winner: kslphotography39
Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

About the photographer and the photo:

Meet Keon Lessey, your everyday fun-loving guy. I enjoy activities such as cycling, hiking and other fun activities, but mostly photography. I consider my camera as an extension of myself which I use to share with world the way in which I see it. Photography is a passion I have.

The photo was captured during the Carnival celebrations (J’ouvert in particular) in Trinidad and Tobago. The person was a masquerader in a band which used colored paints along with colored powders mixed with water to to spray upon each other during the procession. Among the sea of colors this guy caught my eye. I had to be quick on the draw with my camera to capture this shot because within a moment after i took the shot he had disappeared within the sea of colors.

Random raffle pick #3: Evening Mission
Topgun - Color shots winner
Winner: cosmiczny 

Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

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