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May 02, 2019

Night Shots Instagram Contest - Winners of the Dark Side!

Night Shots Instagram Contest - Winners of the Dark Side!

Night Shotz Instagram Contest

Big shout out to all photographers who uploaded entries to our Instagram "night shots" contest. Team miggo proudly announces the winners.

Get ready for our next contest - it's going to be furry! The Pet Pictures Contest.

Action Pic Contest Winner - Judge's Choice
Judge's pick - Bridge over troubled water
Instagram Night Shots Contest Winner - Bridge of Lights Winner: desde_arriba_aerialPrize: Pictar One Plus

Why we chose this picture?

Just like an artist who uses paintbrush and paint to create an image, so the winning photographer in our Instagram night photography contest uses the camera and light to bring us a perfect night shot.


The long exposure chosen adds drama to the brightly painted yellow bridge that stretches toward the depth of the night and hangs over a circle of traffic illuminated by bright white. The contrast between the hot yellow and the cold white, between the straight line and the traffic circle, the randomly scattered trees and the different color surfaces, all create a fascinating photograph.

Most Popular - Stars in a blanket of clouds
Instagram Night Shots Contest Winner - most popular Winner: David Gomez Prize: Pictar One Plus

Why we loved this picture?
Contrary to the Judge's Choice, where the photographer had almost complete control over the result, the photograph that won the most of the surfers' votes is a classic example of catching the perfect moment. The thick blanket of clouds opens only for an instant and reveals a clear sky with glittering stars which correspond with the lights of the houses at the bottom of the frame. This is a magical moment that makes photography wonderful.

About the photographer and the picture:
My name is David, I'm an emergency doctor in a local hospital, I enjoy my work enormously and I love nature and the sea, I'm 44 years old and I have 2 cats :) Many thanks!!!! History of the photo: from a hill, near my village, surrounded by fields, always after dinner I climb that hill to see the town illuminated, see the stars and drink the fresh coffee and let my imagination fly!!
1. Random raffle pick #1: Stairway to Heaven

Winner: utkarsh0029

2. Random raffle pick #2: House by the Pool
Instagram Night Shots Contest Winner - House by the pool
Winner: Jo, revolutionarycake

Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod


About the photographer and the picture:

My name is Jo, I live in Australia. I’ve always taken pictures - ever since I was a little kid. I loved my digital slr but as the cameras in phones have gotten better and better over the years I now pretty much use my phone to take photos.

The picture I entered was taken in Bali in January of this year. We were staying in Nusa Dua, and the night the picture was taken, a tropical storm erupted the coastline. Thunder, lightning, torrential rain. It was spectacular. I love storms. We were waiting for the storm to pass in one of the resort resteraunts, when the rain started to ease we decided to head back to our room. We passed the major pool and one of the side pool that had a number of stone features looked ethereal in the moonlight and light rain. I took my picture. That’s the picture I sent to you.

3. Random raffle pick #3: The Baloons
Instagram Night Shots Contest Winner -Baloons
Winner: mehrgil
  Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

About the pic:
Wow!!! Thank you. I love taking pics anywhere and everywhere. I was in India heading out to a family's place. And this little kid selling balloons came up to my window. He was a street kid, selling balloons at the intersection, for money. He put his face right up against the window. I quickly took a shot then bought some balloons.

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