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December 04, 2019

Reflections Contest – and the winners are...

Reflections Shots Instagram Contest

Team Pictar is happy to announce the winners of our Instagram Reflections Contest. We were floored by the quality of the images submitted – it sure was a tough pick! Kudos to all of the amazing mobile photographers who participated and sent awesome shots.

Stay tuned for our next contest. More info is soon to come!

Roy is a 41 year old web developer from India. He spent his childhood in the streets of Surat, which he describes as his biggest inspiration. “For me the most important thing is the concept”, says Roy. “I have always found light and people to be very interesting subjects that inspires me to no end. I am often fascinated with exploring the creative possibilities with my subjects and relish in the discovery of undiscovered possibility”. 

When describing his artistic process, Roy says he is “looking for interesting backgrounds & at times interesting faces, but “LIGHT” is the biggest area of interest for me. People are very comfortable getting “SHOT” in India, so no difficulties so far”. 

Why we chose this picture

A good image takes you on a trip to another dimension. And this one... well, this one takes you on a tour of multiple dimensions. We are seeing the subject, the glass, the depth lines of everything that’s happening in front of the glass and a hint of what’s happening behind the subject. The subject himself is glaring into the floor in a realistic, gentile and honest moment. The light and colors also resonate the emotional warmth of this candid, genuine shot, tying all photographic elements together in an image so human, we simply couldn’t stay indifferent to. 

 And what did Roy have to say about this winning shot? 

“This photo was taken in my office, and the man is my friend Parry. I saw him daydreaming from behind the glass door. The reflection in the glass gave me a lot of elements to work with. For me it was the perfect street portrait”.  

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