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June 04, 2019

Best Pets Shots Instagram Contest - Winners!

Best Pet Shots - Instagram Contest Winner!

Team miggo is happy to announce the winners of its Instagram Pet Contest.
Kudos to all photographers who participated and sent awesome shots.

Get ready for our next contest - it's going to be Cutie! The BABY BOOM Contest.

Action Pic Contest Winner - Judge's Choice Instagram Pets Shots Contest Winner - Thinking White Winner: Agnes Shaw Prize: Pictar One Plus Why we chose this picture?

The look on this dog's face is almost human. Is he deep in thought, or just thinking about a juicy bone? The timing is just right, and the composition is excellent. There's also a perfect balance between the lighting and darker areas, giving the picture a relaxed feeling, uncluttered and elegant.

So here are some answers, by the winner himself:

I am a retired veterinarian and love to take pictures of animals! The picture is of my daughter’s dog Meikka, who was a graduation gift to her from my husband and myself (when she graduated Veterinary school). He is the best dog, sweet matured and loving. I took Meikka to our photography club so people could practice their photography skills.

Most Popular - He's looking at you, kid...
Instagram Pet Shots Contest Winner - most popular Winner: Tina Demarco Prize: Pictar One Plus

About the photographer and the picture

My name is Tina Demarco. I have a total of 4 kitties and they have an Instagram account too @nala_neo_pumpkin_noel. I love photography and taking photos of everything and anything. Awesome Yes this is my almost 3yr old kitty Neo. I adopted him as a kitten in Dec, 2016 after one of my beloved kitties who loved being an indoor and outdoor kitty was hit by a car. He’s been a wonderful addition to the family. He has his own personality. I like to call him Mr. Fancy Pants sometimes cause he's got that fluffy fur and a big puffy tail he likes to sling around. He tends to be a picky eater too. In this pic he was giving me one of his fancy boy poses and looked too cute not to take a pic of.

1. Random raffle pick #1: The Sunset Cat

Winner: fotosperu

2. Random raffle pick #2: Swimming Smile
Winner: maximus_78

Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

3. Random raffle pick #3: Undercover
Instagram Pet Shots Contest Winner - under the blanket
Winner: Linley Collins
  Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

About the photographer and the picture

The picture is of my beautiful Dalmatian Poppy. She’s a duvet diver :)) She loves her snuggles and home comforts.

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