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June 27, 2019

Best Baby Shots Instagram Contest - Winners!

Who is Mommy's Best Baby?

BABY BOOM Instagram Contest

Team miggo is overjoyed to announce the winners of its Instagram Baby Shots instagram contest. Thanks to all the participants, and get your gear ready for our next contest - Playing With Colors Instagram Contest.

Action Pic Contest Winner - Judge's Choice
Judge Choice - Bohemian Rhapsody
Winner: Manuel Melo Prize: Pictar One Plus   Why we chose this picture?

The picture has a humorous element, the parents are tired but have turned their fatigue into a winning picture with amazing timing.

About the photographer and the photo: It was obviously a lucky shot, timing was everything but nothing was planned. I was searching only for a family photo, but as I was preparing the selfie, Martim gave us that yawn, and because we were realy sleepy and tired, we just followed him and I took the shot. We laugh very much afterwards because we couldn’t believe our tired faces.?

I’m an actor, 38 years old, live in Portugal, and I’m an hobby astrophotographer, time lapse and videographer, who just became a proud father of Martim, my first son. Taking pictures of Martim as been so easy because he is realy beautiful , I’m biased I know, but believe me, I’m not half he’s photogenic style and he’s just a natural stylish baby.
Most Popular - Cuddly Cutie
Instagram Baby Boom Contest Winner - Cuddly Cutie Winner: Manuel Melo
Prize: Pictar One Plus

About the photo:

I was preparing a photo to send to his grand mother, and as I was telling that to Martim, he gave me that face which I could never get again till this day. It was that one time, that stylish face like everything is cool. That is printed and framed ready to go to his room. ?

1. Random raffle pick #1: Baby Bliss
Instagram Baby Boom Contest Winner - Baby Bliss Winner: panikphotoco
Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

About the photographer and the photo:
This was Lily Mae’s first session of photos after she came home from the hospital and our first infant session! She was a little difficult to calm down from being in the set we built for her, but after waiting about 20 minutes she quieted down and we got moving. The photo itself was taken on the Sony A6000 with the Sony 28f2. My name is Tom and I am a professional photographer based outside of Chicago. I specialize in portraiture, events, and boudoir.
2. Random raffle pick #2: Daddy's Girl
Instagram Baby Boom Contest Winner - Daddy's Girl
Winner: whatkellesaw
  Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

About the photographer and the photo:

I met this happy baby at a jazz concert. He was bopping along to the music and I caught him in a moment of baby bliss.

My name is Kelle Colyer-Brown and I'm a street and event photographer in NY/NJ .

3. Random raffle pick #3: Happy as a Clam
Instagram Baby Boom Contest Winner - Happy as a Clam
Winner: romina_cordoba_fotog

Prize: Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod

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